Scoping the project

Refurbishment projects can bring new life to old, and revitalise and refresh a building’s purpose. These types of projects can vary dramatically in scale and scope. Some projects focus on external aspects, others concentrate on aesthetics, some are mainly structural, or they could be a combination of all. Our expertise in new build and fit-out construction creates the perfect skill combination for successful delivery.

We understand heritage

Refurbishment projects can often combine old with new. We have much experience and knowledge of handling and dealing with heritage aspects through our vast portfolio of projects.

Live working environments

We’ve worked in many different types of live working environments such as airports, universities, schools, government offices and Australian Defence facilities. Refurbishment projects can often be undertaken while work continues around the construction area. Our knowledge, capability and the industry experience of our team ensures we’re equipped to manage complex project locations and live work environments safely and effectively, with minimal disruption to a client’s normal operations.

Experience counts

We’ve delivered a variety of refurbishment developments including façade enhancement, lobby upgrades, services upgrades and extensions for a range projects in the education, commercial office, public space and retail sectors.

During the refurbishment, we co-ordinate all aspects, including safety in construction, environmental management, meeting environmental ratings, time management, client relationships, co-ordinating subcontractors, and end-to-end planning of works to deliver above expectation results.