New Build

We listen

Our approach to new build work starts with listening. By taking the time to listen and understand our clients’ needs, drivers and requirements, we are able to share their vision. This approach ensures that each new development is successfully realised and delivered within a collaborative and aspirational environment.

Providing greater value

Ideally, we prefer to be involved early in a project – at the planning stage. We like to provide greater value through early contractor involvement (ECI). Working closely with our clients to identify and develop price suitable options can deliver significant efficiencies and cost savings. 

ECI can further the success of any development, where we can offer early buildability and methodology reports. This gives us the opportunity to create maximum value for money, mitigate project risk, and find the most cost-effective, quality-assured way to build.

Close collaboration

The key to successful delivery is to work together on all aspects of the project lifecycle. Our culture drives constant close collaboration with all parties involved, enabling us to anticipate challenges and remain responsive and flexible when dealing with complex situations. 

Environmental proficiency

Our experience and expertise in delivering environmentally sustainable design enhances each and every day. The adoption of green building practices is a necessity in today’s industry and something we have truly embraced. This approach to building design and delivery is second nature to our proficient team of professionals.

Experience counts

During the build, we co-ordinate all aspects, including safety in construction, environmental management and meeting environmental ratings, time management, client relationships, co-ordinating subcontractors, and the end-to-end planning of works to deliver above expectation results.