Remote Indigenous Housing Program (RIHP)

Remote Indigenous Housing Program (RIHP)

  • Client
    Department of Housing Government of WA
  • Delivery
    Alliance Contracting
  • Completed
    September 2012

Exceeding in indigenous engagement

In late 2009, the Western Australian Government sought contractors to engage in the National Partnership Agreement on Remote Indigenous Housing. This involved selecting a panel of builders capable of constructing homes for Indigenous Australians in remote communities.

Early 2010, the Mulba Mia, Leighton Contractors and Broad Joint Venture (JV) team was formed to refurbish and develop new homes as part of the Remote Indigenous Housing Program (RIHP), in the Indigenous community of Beagle Bay, on the Dampier Peninsula.

In June 2010, the first package commenced and in November 2011 the sixth and final package for Beagle Bay was completed.

The Remote Indigenous Housing Program for Ardyaloon was awarded to the JV in January 2012. The Ardyaloon Programme consists of 16 new houses and 24 refurbishments.

Also awarded in January 2012 were works in the Djarindjin Community. The programme included six new houses and 36 refurbishments.

As part of the JV’s efforts to give back to the communities, an old workshop was refurbished into a site office for the JV team. This space in now used by the community as office and training facility.

The team had a target to engage apprentices and/ or trainees from the community to ensure not only the physical buildings were left complete when the project ended, but to ensure the community was left with a skill set that could promote self-sufficiency for the future and significantly improve the employment prospects of Indigenous people.

The team has achieved a far greater level of Indigenous engagement than contractually required, achieving an average of 40 per cent Indigenous employment to date.

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