Palm Island Residential Subdivision

Palm Island Residential Subdivision

  • Client
    Department of Housing and Public Works
  • Delivery
    Lump Sum
  • Completed
    July 2012

A unique location

Palm Island Subdivision project in Queensland formally received Practical Completion on Friday, 12 July 2013.

Works commenced in June 2012 and consisted of two subdivision sites in Luma Luma and Kitchener Bligh (Outstation). The two sites created an additional 60 lots for future housing on the island for the local community.

The project comprised supply and construction of civil works associated with the Palm Island Residential Sub Division including earthworks, roadworks, stormwater drainage, water reticulation, electrical ducting and wiring, telecommunications ducting and landscaping.

Tackling remote conditions

Despite numerous challenges faced, including the island’s remote location and rocky ground conditions, the team persevered and delivered a very successful outcome for the client.

Throughout the works, the team actively engaged with the community and stakeholders, exceeding the Queensland Government’s requirements for Indigenous employment.

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