Kings Square Subdivision Works

Kings Square Subdivision Works

  • Client
    Leighton Properties Pty Ltd
  • Delivery
    Design and Construct
  • Completed
    May 2015

Collaboration played a key part in successful delivery

As part of the Kings Square development in Perth, we undertook the subdivision civil works and landscaping package of the precinct.

The Kings Square development forms part of the new Perth City Link project, a major urban renewal initiative of the Western Australian State Government to bridge the existing railway and link the central business district with the cultural and entertainment precincts of Northbridge.

Our team worked collaboratively throughout the project, despite challenging circumstances, and in a shared operating environment, with additional contractors undertaking works in the precinct.

The civil work was undertaken in three stages and involved the installation of a sewer pipe, as well as stormwater, gas, water mains, electrical and communication facilities. The landscaping package included the construction of an asphalt road, installation of granite paving and tree planting.

The project team delivered an outstanding safety performance of 43,643 work hours with no Lost Time Injuries (LTIs) – for the entire project. They also achieved a near defect free handover, with two minor defects on track to be resolved within short timeframes.

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