Amberley RAAFSFS

Amberley RAAFSFS

  • Client
    Department of Defence (Commonwealth of Australia)
  • Delivery
    Lump Sum
  • Completed
    August 2010

A sensitive and live environment

Broad was contracted to construct the new Security and Fire School on the RAAF Amberley Base in Queensland.

Involving seven stages and containing multiple buildings of different construction phases, the school undertook a major transformation to provide Australia’s defence students and staff with one of the finest and contemporary training facilities in the country.

The construction package included two training buildings, an auditorium, a logistics warehouse, and the refurbishment of existing accommodation facilities, landscaping, road works and a car park.

During construction the military base remained operational. To minimise disruption to the defence personnel during the renovation of their offices, we established temporary housing facilities in the area marked for a future car park.

A temporary dog training area was also set up so teaching could continue without interruption throughout the entire construction phase.

The security, logistics and management of the seven distinct stages, within an existing operational military base, required careful planning and attention to detail.

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