Company culture

Our principles guide our actions. They are Integrity, Accountability, Innovation and Delivery. Within the principles framework, safety underpins everything - safety is fundamental to our business.

  • Integrity is about honesty and respect.
  • Accountability is about commitment and responsibility.
  • Innovation is about finding new and better ways of doing our work.
  • Delivery is about the quality of our achievement.

At Broad, we use these principles to guide our thinking, help us make the right decisions and, ultimately, create the right outcomes. They ensure that Broad retains its founding culture of an unpretentious, flexible and disciplined builder that is focused on delivering for its clients. The principles framework additionally allows us to further embed and develop a culture that is performance and results oriented.

Always looking for a better way

On one level, innovation is about technical breakthrough in our bids and projects – finding better and more cost effective ways to deliver projects for our clients and for our shareholders.

We like to work closely with the wider project team to identify, develop and deliver significant efficiencies and cost savings, offer early buildability reports, propose alternative methodologies, put forward the latest innovations, mitigate project risk, and find the most quality assured way to build.

But innovation is wider than this; it’s about continuing to find better ways to do our work and seeking to add value in everything we do.

Embracing a collaborative approach

We understand the importance of working collaboratively.

From the outset, we bring everyone together and embrace strong and flexible working relationships for every project we undertake.

By taking the time to listen and understand our clients’ needs, drivers and requirements, we are able to share their vision. This approach ensures that each project undertaken is successfully realised and gives us the opportunity to create maximum value for money and deliver the project within a collaborative and aspirational environment.

Delivering results

We are focused on delivering projects as proposed - simply doing what we promised to do.

On each project we embrace a collaborative approach; taking the time to understand and align to our clients’ needs, and appoint a dedicated project leader who guides its progress with the support from our team; working with integrity and trust for each other in conjunction with partners of choice, who are safety and quality approved without exception.

Our approach is driven by outcome and achievement, and has been rewarded with industry recognition and a reputation for successful project delivery.